Friday, April 15, 2011

Who are these people? (A mild rant)

Who are these people who:

Empty their car ash trays all over the lay-by?

Daub obscenities on other people’s property?

Think I will drive faster if they tailgate me?

Pick up their dog’s pooh and then leave the pooh bag on the path or hanging in a tree?

Show off to their friends by being rude to the waiter?

Tell their employees to sell me something I haven’t ordered? (“A small Latte please” “Do you want a cake with that?”  “No, just the coffee please”)

Think playing music after a goal has been scored somehow enhances the match day experience?

Drive on sidelights in the dark? Are they the same people who have their front fog lights on when it’s not foggy?

Leave their dirty dishes in the sink at work for hours on end?

Invent viruses to ruin a complete stranger’s computer?

Assume we all care passionately about the Royal Family?

Came up with the notion that some supermarket packaging should be made of the thickest, sharpest plastic known to man, requiring industrial strength shears to open it?

Make their pets wear clothes?

Waste half their day thinking up stupid lists of things?

1 comment:

  1. Don't know about the others but 1, 3, 4 *and* 5 are my ex-husband!